Why Choose Apex?


We understand your time is valuable and the importance of getting your vehicle cleaned quickly. We have designed and customized our equipment to ensure we are able to deliver a superior wash in just moments. You will never do the dirty work or waste valuable time. Just pull up, relax in the comfort of your vehicle and enjoy!


We strive to consistently provide you with the highest quality wash every single time you visit. Our water is first softened then treated through a reverse-osmosis process that removes all minerals to deliver your vehicle spot-free. We also use the most advanced biodegradable and eco-friendly chemicals combined with our Soft Touch® neoprene system to clean, shine, and protect your vehicle.


Apex Express believes in genuine hospitality and world class customer service. We understand our cutting edge technology is a great way to get you excited about visiting our facility, but believe our service level commitment will keep you coming back. We are committed to exceed your expectations by giving you the latest technology, the highest level of customer satisfaction, and above all the best value.


We are proud to be the first WaterSavers® member in our community. Apex Express is focused on taking care of our planet, which is why we use less water and return it clean. We don’t just give back to the environment – we also support local organizations through our profit-share program.

Visit washwithwatersavers.com to learn more!

We believe the high quality of your Apex wash makes it an outstanding value. We hope you will agree. If not, we will do whatever it takes to make you another happy customer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to consistently deliver the highest quality car wash with world-class hospitality while using the most advanced system in the world. We are committed to providing each guest with an exceptional value, superb service, and an unparalleled experience.